Chinese Public Toilets & American Debt

In China, if you need to use the restroom at a public place, you have to let everything out into a hole in the ground.

I spoke to a friend last week who spent two weeks in China this summer, and the public toilet situation was the highlight of our conversation.

“It’s funny because in the house, everyone has a toilet,” he said. “But at the mall and other public places, there’s no toilet! You don’t even have toilet tissue, you have to buy your own!

“And it’s hard because there’s no toilet seat!”

Because China is a communist country, I wondered why restrooms aren’t a component of public facilities. Then my friend reminded me that the United States owes China a lot of money, $1.2 trillion according to the Huffington Post.

Perhaps if the country had that money, it’d have some public toilets.

Our discussion about toilets and America’s debt interestingly led me to think about how the news never mentions who is benefiting from America’s debt. The money the United States is borrowing is being spent somewhere, and whoever is receiving the money is probably well off.

But that’s not something we hear about.