Reporte Educativo - The Education Report Card

Photo property of the Pasadena Sun

The Pasadena Sun reported today that about 450 students in the Pasadena Unified School District are enrolled in its language immersion program. At school, students spend 90 percent of their time learning in Spanish or English.

According to the report, Spanish immersion began at San Rafael earlier this month, while at Field Elementary School, Mandarin Chinese has been immersed in three kindergarten classes. The district may also create an Armenian immersion program, the report stated.

What Pasadena has done by instructing students in another language at a young age is an example schools everywhere else should follow. Studies have shown that the ability to communicate in multiple language is beneficial to individuals, and it is ridiculous that America’s education system has students begin learning a second language by the time they’re in high school. At that time, an adolescent’s accent is pretty much set…

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